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Discover our Free Stock Watch Lists

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, our free stocks watch lists provide valuable information to help you make informed trading decisions.

Discover Our Free Stock Watch Lists: Earnings and Reversal Candles.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on free stock watch lists.

Designed to empower traders and investors with actionable insights, our watch lists focus on two critical areas: upcoming earnings reports and large-cap stocks exhibiting potential reversal candles.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, our watch lists provide valuable information to help you make informed trading decisions.

What Are Stock Watch Lists?

Stock watch lists are curated lists of stocks that traders and investors monitor closely for potential trading opportunities.

These lists help traders stay organized and focused on key stocks that meet specific criteria.

By keeping an eye on stocks with upcoming earnings reports and those showing potential reversal patterns, traders can better time their trades and capitalize on market movements.

Our Free Stock Watch Lists

1. Upcoming Earnings This Week

Our first watch list highlights companies with upcoming earnings reports this week. Earnings reports can significantly impact a stock’s price, leading to increased volatility and trading opportunities. By keeping track of these reports, you can anticipate potential price movements and plan your trades accordingly.

  • Why Monitor Earnings?
    • Volatility: Earnings reports often lead to significant price swings.
    • Trading Opportunities: Positive or negative earnings surprises can create opportunities for quick profits.
    • Market Sentiment: Earnings provide insights into a company’s financial health, influencing investor sentiment.
    • The IV Flush: The options market contains an elevated Implied Volatility as a stock approaches earnings. An interesting dynamic occurs after earnings called an IV Crush, where options buyers and sellers both get crushed by their options premiums when a stock stays inside its expected move. This dynamic provides a unique trading opportunity. Learn more about it with our IV Flush Trading Strategy

2. Large-Cap Stocks with Potential Reversal Candles

The second watch list focuses on large-cap stocks (market cap over $10 billion) that exhibit potential reversal candles, such as hammer candles and doji patterns, at local highs or lows. These candlestick patterns can signal a potential reversal in trend, offering lucrative trading opportunities.

  • Why Monitor Reversal Candles?
    • Trend Reversals: Identifying potential reversals can help you enter or exit trades at optimal points.
    • Risk Management: Reversal patterns can provide clear entry and exit points, helping to manage risk.
    • Large-Cap Stability: Focusing on large-cap stocks ensures you are trading well-established companies with high liquidity.

How Our Stock Watch Lists Work

Our stock watch lists are updated regularly to provide you with the most current and relevant information. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Upcoming Earnings List

    • Check the Schedule: Review the list of companies with earnings reports scheduled for the week.
    • Research the Stocks: Analyze the historical performance of the stocks around earnings reports.
    • Plan Your Trades: Decide whether to trade before, during, or after the earnings announcement based on your strategy.
  2. Reversal Candle List

    • Identify Patterns: Look for stocks showing hammer candles, dojis, or other reversal patterns at significant price levels.
    • Analyze Trends: Confirm the reversal signal by analyzing the broader trend and volume.
    • Execute Trades: Enter trades with clear entry and exit points based on the identified reversal patterns.

How to Trade Our Watch Lists

Trading Upcoming Earnings

  1. Pre-Earnings Strategy: Enter trades days or weeks before the earnings report if you anticipate a positive outcome based on your research.
  2. Earnings Day Strategy: Trade on the day of the earnings announcement, taking advantage of the increased volatility.
  3. Post-Earnings Strategy: Trade after the earnings report is released, based on the stock’s reaction and new information. Check out our IV Flush Strategy

Trading Reversal Candles

  1. Hammer Candles: Look for hammer candles at the end of a downtrend, signaling a potential upward reversal. Enter the trade if the next candle confirms the reversal.
  2. Doji Candles: Identify doji candles at significant support or resistance levels, indicating indecision and potential reversal. Confirm with subsequent price action.
  3. Risk Management: Set stop-loss orders below the low of the reversal candle to protect against false signals.

The following stocks show potential reversal setups (updated every evening after market close).

Click on the stock name to see our Trade Planner analysis of each stock, market positioning, and potential entry triggers.



If you are new to trading, I strongly recommend learning how to trade using Technical Analysis before jumping into our watchlists.

We trade these names and more live in our trading room every day. Join now to learn and earn together.

Where else can I get free Stock Watchlist ideas?

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Our free stock watch lists are designed to help you stay ahead of the market by focusing on key events and patterns that can influence stock prices. By monitoring upcoming earnings reports and identifying potential reversal candles in large-cap stocks, you can make more informed trading decisions and improve your chances of success.

Explore our stock watch lists today and start leveraging these powerful tools to enhance your trading strategy.

Happy trading!

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