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Level up your trading with confidence. Spyder Academy focuses on Education to help you master your A+ Setups, Trading Psychology, and improve your consistency.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to empower traders of all levels with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their financial goals.

    We aim to provide a supportive community where traders can learn from each other, share insights, and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and trading strategies.

    Our focus is on education, and we are committed to delivering high-quality resources, and expert guidance to help our members become more confident, disciplined, and successful traders.

    Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, Spyder Academy is the place to be if you are passionate about trading and want to take your skills to the next level.

    How We Teach

    Why Us?

    The Spyder Academy community offers high-quality trading education for traders of all levels, with a supportive and collaborative environment.

    We provide a range of resources, including screenshares, market analysis, and expert insights, to help members stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies.

    Our mentorship offers personalized guidance to help traders achieve their financial goals. Our community is education-focused and dedicated to providing value to our members.

    By joining our community, traders can learn from experienced traders, share insights, and grow their skills in a supportive environment that is committed to their success.

    Our Advantage

    The Best Value

    Most trading communities are run by 1 or 2 mediocre traders, charging over $100/mo.

    At Spyder Academy you learn from 7 amazing traders teaching different trading styles, for only $80/mo!

    All alerts are logged to the SpyderWeb, where you can view historical trades and our stats at any time!

    Our all inclusive pricing is the best value in the market, with new features constantly being added!

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    I have been following some of the mentors for sometime and being able to interact with them via voice and text takes learning to higher level. All of the mentors bring great knowledge and expertise to the table and are always available to clarify things when something is not understood.

    The environment they created makes traders of all levels feel comfortable and respected. I really appreciate their approach as it pertains to the psychological part of trading as it can be a very tough hurdle to overcome.

    This team is humble, always eager to teach, and very grounded as they work hard every day to make themselves and their community better.

    @CashMoneyTrades SORBET strategy has been a game changer for me in visualizing trades. Highly recommend.

    I've followed a few different trading groups over the last year or so, and Spyder Academy, by far, is the most informative, easy going group I've been with.

    The traders provide excellent insight from different perspectives, and I have been able to significantly increase my daily goals based upon their meticulous analysis and guidance.

    I would recommend them for traders at all levels of experience.

    Known all of these guys in Discord for couple of years, they are super helpful for your conviction with DT trades

    Huge fan of these guys. Incredibly transparent and are constantly providing grade-A education. Highly recommend checking them out!.

    Amazing community with amazing mentors! This is by far my favorite group I’ve ever traded with! I look forward to my trading career with great optimism!

    I've been trading for a while but just kinda buying here and buying there--not really locking in my style. These guys really help you to understand your personal psychology when trading in the market, setting the expectation for trading cadence, etc. If you're looking for a group to help you be a better trader, this is the place!

    Genuine room of great traders that are committed to providing a space to learn, grow, have some laughs, and grab some BAGS.

    I knew of these guys from an old discord group. Incredible group of smart, generous, supportive people. No bad vibes here. Having a community like this in the world of options trading is highly invaluable. I cannot stress that enough.

    Honestly one of the best trading communities I have been a part of. Not only in success terms but overall, I have not been in a community that is this focused-on education.

    I learn more than I have in years from their resources as well as their everyday live voice. I can't even stress enough how much of a good experience they bring to their discord.

    10 out of 10 in educational terms and 10 out of 10 in the success that I have firsthand experienced from their trading methods and strategies.

    As a new trader looking for a safe and constructive space to develop my skill, this has been, by far, the best group I have been apart of.

    Truly a safe space with genuine and honest people both as head traders and the traders in the classroom. Grateful to be apart of the team!

    Really great community. Education and teaching you to fish are the focus but some great call outs along the way too.

    Someone is on voice all day so you’re never out there on your own. Can’t say enough good stuff about this group, leaders and fellow members.

    Experienced & Professional Team

    Rely on our amazing Team of Instructors every day to guide you with the markets.

    Spyder Academy was born out of frustration with the low-quality of trading education available today. Our community is purely focused on education. We understand the pain of new traders - losses, mental fatigue, and almost giving up. Having overcome these obstacles, we pay it forward by helping serious traders at a deeply personal level.

    Our instructors come from various backgrounds, having mentored 200+ people at Fortune 500 companies. We have traders covering different trading styles. What unites us is our shared desire to teach. We teach our strategies, why we enter and exit trades, and the rules you need to trade successfully.

    Imagine a time when you're making more money from trading than from your current job. A time when you're free to do the things that truly make you happy. A time when you're consistently gaining profits and have conquered the mental side of trading.

    That's why we trade. And we hope to teach you how to trade. Join us on this journey, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

    Cauliflower Calls
    Cauliflower Calls
    Co-Founder / Instructor

    Trader with 5 years of experience, primarily trading using SATY ATR Levels and Pivot Ribbons.

    Co-Founder / Instructor

    Employs price action/volume to enhance the SORBET strategy for short term options trading.

    Co-Founder / Instructor

    Primarily trades with Technical Analysis and Trends with an emphasis on trade plans and improving struggling traders.

    Cash Money Trades
    Cash Money Trades
    Co-Founder / Instructor

    Primarily trades using ORB Breakouts, The System (SORBET), and EMA's with a focus on data driven decision making.

    Link Snipes
    Link Snipes

    Technical Analysis Trader specializing in volume price analysis, supply & demand, and relative weakness/strength.


    Technical Analysis Trader focusing on small caps, swing trades and theta gang options strategies.

    Mr Woofers
    Mr Woofers

    Momentum trader primarily using supply and demand zones coupled with The System for trading.

    Hear from our Team Directly

    Trading Camp - Investing Like Champions

    On this episode of Trading Camp we interview Paul Dozer.

    Paul talks about his early struggles as a trader, his $200,000 day, and how he made $100,000 in December shorting TSLA.

    Learning How To Trade

    Cauliflower Calls discusses his strategy using Saty Ribbons and Saty ATR (Starting at 1:30:10)