Unleashing the DawgSqueeze Indicator: Mastering SPX Lotto Trades

Introducing the proprietary DawgSqueeze Indicator, crafted exclusively for traders navigating the 3-minute chart of the SPX.

Are you ready to dive into the exciting realm of Lotto Trades on the SPX?

Introducing the proprietary DawgSqueeze Indicator, crafted exclusively for traders navigating the 3-minute chart of the SPX.

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the essence of the DawgSqueeze Indicator, shedding light on how to leverage it for potentially lucrative Lotto Trades.

However, a word of caution: these trades are high-risk, high-reward ventures that can swiftly go to zero if the market doesn’t align with your expectations.

The Dawg Squeeze Indicator: An Overview

Targeted for SPX on the 3-Minute Chart

The DawgSqueeze Indicator is meticulously designed for precision on the 3-minute chart of the SPX. This timeframe provides a unique perspective on the market’s intraday movements, allowing traders to capitalize on specific end-of-day patterns.

Capitalizing on End-of-Day Movements

The DawgSqueeze Indicator strategically identifies opportunities arising from the high-volume movements that unfold towards the end of the trading day. By focusing on these key moments, traders can potentially capitalize on significant price swings.

Trading Strategy: Mastering Lotto Trades

Emphasis on Lotto Trades

The DawgSqueeze Indicator is tailor-made for traders seeking adrenaline-pumping Lotto Trades. These are speculative, high-risk trades with the potential for rapid gains or total loss. Traders must approach these trades with a lotto mindset, understanding that the risk of losing the entire investment is inherent.

Quick Entry and Exit

Given the nature of Lotto Trades, the DawgSqueeze Indicator often signals quick entry and exit points. Traders need to be agile and decisive, ready to act swiftly based on the indicator’s signals.

Risk Management Is Key

While the allure of high-reward trades is enticing, effective risk management is paramount. Only trade with capital you can afford to lose, and consider these trades as part of a diversified portfolio strategy.

Leveraging the DawgSqueeze Indicator

Charting the Unpredictable

The 3-minute SPX chart can be a whirlwind of activity, and the DawgSqueeze Indicator is your compass. Navigate through the chaos with confidence, using the indicator’s signals to chart your course in the unpredictable waters of Lotto Trades.

The indicator will only alert during a short window near the close of regular session (3:40pm - 3:50pm to be precise). It looks for a potential reversal signal in the market to capitalize on - using Bollinger Bands.

Adding the indicator

As a Spyder Academy student, gaining access to the Dawg Squeeze indicator on TradingView is a game-changer. Dive into the Invite Only scripts and, if you’ve recently joined, a quick restart of your TradingView app will reveal the magic.


The DawgSqueeze Indicator opens a portal to the thrilling world of Lotto Trades on the SPX’s 3-minute chart. Embrace the excitement, but tread with caution. These trades are not for the faint of heart and demand a disciplined approach to risk management.

Remember, Lotto Trades are speculative endeavors, and success is not guaranteed. Use the DawgSqueeze Indicator as a powerful tool in your trading arsenal, but always supplement it with a comprehensive strategy and a keen awareness of the risks involved.

Happy trading, and may the DawgSqueeze Indicator guide you to Lotto Trade success!

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